Automatic Changelog and Versioning with GIT

For having a good overview of changes in the software lifecycle, it makes sense to use a software revision system like GIT to automatically generate a CHANGELOG. In order to do that, it is necessary to write appropriate commit messages.

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GitLab: Setting up a dockerized Server on Debian / Ubuntu

GitLab can be self-hosted quite easy. One way is, to run the server in a docker container, which will be described in this article. Our goal is to run a self-hosted GitLab server on a server with a public IP and domain name with GitLab-Runners for CI / CD.

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GitLab: Automatic releases with CI/CD Pipelines

GitLab allows it, to execute commands after repository commits. With that, it’s possible to do automated software tests for code in the repository.

A few weeks ago, a private project required automatic releases on GitLab at given dates – for example monthly. At the moment such a feature is not (yet) supported by GitLab (

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