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Founder of codeaware GmbH – a digital agency in Austria. Mainly responsible for software development, consulting and project management of multiple external and internal IT projects.

Strong interest in software development, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, …


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Philipp Doblhofer was born in Linz, Austria

Linz, Austria

Philipp Doblhofer won the contest Invent a Chip 2010/2011

EIPOT - Enhanced Integrated Power-Off Timer Bild: APA/Georg Blemenschlitz/TU Wien

An Austrian microchip design contest. An energy-saving chip was designed in a team, which won the contest. The chip was called “EIPOT - Enhanced Integrated Power-Off Timer”.

Philipp Doblhofer worked in different companies as an Intern

  • Serval times as an Engineer at BMW Motoren GmbH: "Diagnostik, Validierung und Methodik" and "Elektrik, Motorsteuerung"
  • Automation Engineer at Advanced Machine & Engineering Co.: US company specialized in metal cutting solutions, located in Illinois.
  • Firmware Developer at HID Global GmbH: Manufacturer for secure identity solutions

Philipp Doblhofer graduated from HTBLA Steyr with distinction

HTL Steyr - Ausgezeichneter Erfolg

Elektrotechnik und Elektronik (Electrical Engineering)

Philipp Doblhofer successfully passed the amateur radio examination - national license class 1 (CEPT)

Exam Syllabus: "Regulations", "Technical", "Operations"

Allows to install, operate and self-develop amateur radio stations.

Call sign: OE1DOP

Amateur Radio Certificate

Philipp Doblhofer is studying at the Vienna University of Technology

Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik (Electrical Engineering) / Telecommunications:

Automation, Bluetooth and Short Range Wireless Communication, Circuit Design, Communication and presentation, Contract and liability law, Data Communications, Digital Systems, Electrical Engineering 1, 2 & 3, Electrical Machines and Drives, Electrodynamics, Electronic Devices, Fundamentals of Business Management, Industrial property rights for technicians, Materials, Mathematical Modelling, Mathematics for Electrical Engineers 1, 2 & 3, Measurement and Instrumentation, Microcomputer, Object-oriented Programming, Photonics 1, Physics for Electrical Engineering, Power Supply, Private Law, Programming 1 & 2, Project Management, Semiconductor Physics, Sensor Systems, Signal Processing 1, Signals and Systems 1 & 2, Standardization and legal aspects in electrical engineering, Technical Electronic, Technology and Society, Telecommunications, Wave propagation

Specialisation - Automation and Control, Specialisation - Mathematics, Specialisation - Software Development, Specialisation - Telecommunications

Philipp Doblhofer was honored with the medal “Oberösterreichische Erinnerungsmedaille für Katastropheneinsatz”

For his support during the flood in Austria in 2013 as a volunteer firefighter

Philipp Doblhofer started his first business as an individual entrepreneur

Web Development, Software Development, Firmware Development, Mobile Development

Philipp Doblhofer started his second business called codeaware GmbH

Logo codeaware GmbH

Web Development, Software Development, Firmware Development, Mobile Development, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEA, Social Recruiting, Employer Branding, Consulting

codeaware GmbH has published the App feuerwehr.digital

feuerwehr.digital – Die App auch für Ihre Feuerwehr

Goal of the app is, to support fire departments in organizing their events like trainings and schoolings. It's already used by several chosen fire departments for many years – now it can be used by all others too.

Philipp Doblhofer was honored with the medal “Feuerwehrverdienst­medaille der Stadt Linz – 3. Stufe Bronze”

Feuerwehrverdienstmedaille der Stadt Linz – 3. Stufe Bronze

For his support of the firemanship of the city Linz, Austria

Philipp Doblhofer was appointed Oberamtswalter for IT in Abschnitt Linz-Stadt

Nomination as Oberamtswalter for IT

Since June 2023:
Oberbrandinspektor d.F., Abschnitts-Fachbeauftragter IT

Philipp Doblhofer was certified the qualification engineer (NQR 6) for electrical engineering/electronics according to § 10 IngG 2017

Certification of the qualification engineer

Philipp Doblhofer has worked for BMW Motoren GmbH in the area of e-Mobility power electronics

  • Concept finding, design, and layout of low-voltage and high-voltage partial circuits
  • Creation, execution, and interpretation of simulations (circuit simulations, Monte Carlo simulations, thermal simulations)
  • Component selection taking into account various component qualifications, standards, and (internal) guidelines
  • Prototype construction and commissioning of subcircuits including electrical and thermal measurement
  • Reviews of circuits, circuit concepts, and bill of materials
  • Coordination and specification of circuit requirements with regard to functional safety (ISO 26262), EMC, etc., with the respective teams
  • Coordination and communication with semiconductor manufacturers
  • ...

Determination of individual qualification for the trade Mechatroniker für Elektronik, Büro- und EDV-Systemtechnik

Qualification for the trade Mechatroniker für Elektronik, Büro- und EDV-Systemtechnik

Entitled to independent activity in the regulated trade of Mechatroniker für Elektronik, Büro- und EDV-Systemtechnik

codeaware GmbH expands the company's scope to include the regulated trade of Mechatroniker für Elektronik, Büro- und EDV-Systemtechnik